Useless (youngwilliam) wrote,

Hello, Hello

On the way to work today, I ran into Jessica Williams by Coe Park and two things came to mind.

1) You know how little kids of a certain age tend to say, "Hi! Hi! Hi!" to folks, over and over again? If you've access to a kid young enough to do that, but old enough to talk with, could you ask them why they do that? Have they not worked out that the social transaction involves a greeting, a counter-sign, and then progression from there?

2) For those comfortably in the know about French, what are the subtle nuances between maison, hotel, and chateau? I'm guessing the nuance-flux is much like the difference between "house" and "home" in English -- talking about someone having a house under a bridge evokes a cool mental image, while talking about someone having a home under a bridge evokes pity.
Tags: etymology, q&a
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