Useless (youngwilliam) wrote,

All Around Town

So I was checking Google Maps to see how the new bike-route feature worked, and to see if anything needed adjustment (since Google Maps seems pretty good at placing spots half a block away from where they ought to be).

This one was surprising...

Click to Embiggen

...So, when was Bett's Bookstore by my house, in the shadow of the Standpipe? Oddly, when I checked their website, they give an address in Connecticut instead of somewhere along Hammond Street (where I last thought they were) or by my house (like I'm pretty sure it's not). Oh, and I'm pretty sure Kenduskeag Stream Park is a wee bit closer to the Kenduskeag than it's shown here.

In different, but still amusing map news, Josh and I noticed this the other day...

Click to Embiggen

...I may have to poke around to find what Bangor Unidentified Park's actual name is. As you can see, it's way out past Lover's Leap, and even past the Catholic Cemetery (that is slowly losing graves into the Kenduskeag).
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