Useless (youngwilliam) wrote,

Who Was in My Room Last Night?

Last night's dream was about the least threatening a zombie-dream can be.

Ok, so I presume you've seen low-budget films where they can't afford many extras, so they "recycle" the same folks in different costumes? It was like that, on a meta level. When folks'd get zombified, they'd turn into one of about five different folks, albeit the same 'folk' was in different clothes for different individuals (So you might have both Bob and Larry end up as zombies, but both would be 'played' by what was recognizably the same guy wearing slightly different clothing for either one).

Amy Fairchild was with me, and we were driving around. Not so much investigating the zombie outbreak, but more like you might drive around looking at Christmas decorations on houses. At one point we saw a large bronze or copper bull (that had turned that greenish-blue with verdigris) walking down a street, so we got out of the car and wandered around on foot. Amy ended up zombified, but apparently she was vegetarian beforehand and found that resisting the whole "eating human flesh" thing wasn't all that different from when she first decided to go vegetarian, so she just applied the same dietary adaptation methods she did back then and didn't really have much of a problem resisting the flesh/brain-eating zombie impulse.

PS: As far as I can deduce, it was the Norfolkwalk Virus that laid me low this weekend. Three other folks at work were hit by it around the same time, and my uncle came down with it a day later. It also seems to have compromised my immune system a bit, since I now have a scratchy throat and the beginnings of a cough.
Tags: dream
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