Useless (youngwilliam) wrote,

Down With Disease

So I get home Friday night and think, "Wow, I must've eaten too much after work; I just feel bloated!", even though I hadn't really eaten all that much on Friday. About an hour or two later, well... let's just say my system started to purge itself. Violently. From either end.

Every half an hour or so.

For about eight hours.

...yeah, not fun at all. It's very much like that time Leanne came into Bangor to visit and ended up getting whacked with food poisoning from something she'd eaten the day beforehand, except this time, it was me getting whacked. Fortunately, I've some good common sense about this sort of thing, so after each purge I'd toss back about as much lukewarm water as my stomach could hold (to stave off dehydration and to also give me something to purge up the next go-around). What exactly caused it? I've no clue. What's very odd is that there also were a bout of really nasty leg cramps in conjunction with it all. No cramps above the waist, but all below it -- one foot might cramp up for a while, then a thigh, then a calf, et cetera. Once I was able to actually sit up without feeling dizzy or sick I did a little Googling to see if I could find anything about vomiting + diarrhea + leg cramps, and the leading hit was cholera. CHOLERA?! Now, cholera is a sort of food poisoning and does have all the symptoms I had, but I can't find anything that gives a good listing of how long the effects tend to last when it's really cholera. Mind, it tends to be 50% fatal if left untreated, and the closest I felt to fatal was when I was all spacey and light-headed for an hour, so I really don't think it was cholera. Let's just call it cholerette.

I spent most of Saturday in a daze, and most of today has just been shuffling around the house between the sofa, the kitchen, and the bathroom. I'm still awfully woozy, but that might just be due to how I haven't eaten anything more solid than soup, juice, and multi-vitamins since Friday night.

On the up-side, I've had plenty of time to read His Dark Materials (on the suggestion of Laurie McGill); just before I shuffled over to the computer to type this up, I finished the second of the three books.
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