Useless (youngwilliam) wrote,

Saint Valentine Died for Your Sins

So I was talking with Samantha at the corner store earlier, and the Binette cousins later on at work, about the idea of a St.Valentine's Eve Singles Mixer.

In trying to think of something that'd actually make sense and work for it, what came to mind was the idea akin to speed dating (but the exact opposite of it -- no, not speed hating), where folks would submit their names, which'd then be randomly drawn from a hat. That'd match folks up for a half-price dinner. For some reason, I would want them to wear Venetian masks (No clue why I really like the mask idea. Could be a Priscilla thing)

The obvious problems that leap to mind for it:

1) You really can't just use one hat. It'd probably require four hats, with Men Seeking Men, Men Seeking Women, Women Seeking Men, and Women Seeking Women. That's like, a lot of hats for such a short and silly notion.

2) What the heck do you do if you only get an odd number of folks in one group?

If those could be worked out (and no further problems leap to mind), I think it could be actually neat.

Moreso with the masks.
Tags: q&a, work
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