Useless (youngwilliam) wrote,

Brass Tax

Long ago and far away, the place I work was technically sold to someone else. All the stuff was the same, employees the same, et cetera.. but just with a different name on the paychecks, really.

Remember my filing my taxes the other week? When I got the W-2 from them, I presumed they'd set it up so the 2009 tax info was effectively part of the package when the place was sold over, since I only got one W-2.

Seems I was wrong. Today, Paul printed up the W-2 for when it was the New Moon, as opposed to when it was Luna. So, what do I do now? I've already submitted both the Federal and State returns, and I've already received and deposited the return check from the State. Do I just dial up the H&R Block website and file again, or is there some other "Whoops! Forgot about this!" tax form that I'll have to request?

Mind, I'm 90% sure that the end result will be money owed to me (versus money owed to the government), so I'm tempted to not bother and just let them keep it as a tip.
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