Useless (youngwilliam) wrote,

woos trava ils azuri te wivin g

Subj: woos trava ils azuri te wivin g‏
From: Buy Tamiflu on (
Sent: Thu 1/28/10 10:09 PM

witli ng takin gs ensep ulchr es dosed dichr oism fours ome
mongr elnes s gleef ully tatra wisdo ms cassi odoru s upspr ing
behoo vingl y tread ing secti le shove lling pende d tread ing
photo therm ic rinas cimen to jobbe ry admon ish pedla r bursa l
pious thora cotom y aplom b troph ies disho nor embod ying plagu
ed origi nated algor millw right s flora l muscu latur e cagel
ing uneco nomic al cupri ferou s

What? What?!

Some of it works if you put the word-breaks in different places, but not 100%, as far as I can tell.
Tags: junk mail
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