Useless (youngwilliam) wrote,

Hat-Trick Links

1) Improv Everywhere -- They do things akin to what my brother and I would independently dabble in, in Denver. An example (of my brother's) being dressing up in clean suits and wandering around downtown with fake remote-controlled Geiger counters. When approaching some likely target, the Geiger counter would start to flip out (bonus points if you have it flip out a little when pointed towards them, then flip out a lot when pointed towards food they're carrying), and the ensuited person would then cautiously back away, muttering into a walkie-talkie. Grand fun in the 1980s-1990s, but I'm not so sure the Department of Homeland Security would find the joke quite so amusing these days.

2) CleverBot -- Basically one of the latest incarnations of the good ol' Eliza program. Should one decide to strike up a conversation with CleverBot, I strongly suggest one treat it not like a program but instead like a friend of a friend. See, CleverBot learns by way of how we act towards it, so if you're constantly accusing it of being a robot any time matters transcendental come up, it'll "learn" that accusations of robot-hood are appropriate for such matters.

3) Suzanne Vega at UMO the weekend after next! -- I just found out about this earlier today. I've a college-student co-worker checking for me tomorrow to see if she can pick up the tickets for me at a rate cheaper than the $35-a-seat I'd have to pay as John Q. Public. If all goes well, I'll pick up two and then give one away to Ms. Jones or some other pal of mine who's up for going. I promise not to shout, "Play Tom's Diner! No, the one with the backbeat!" too often.
Tags: geek-chat, le musique
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