Useless (youngwilliam) wrote,

Baby, It's Cold Outside

ATTN: RPG Folks!

Does anyone out there have a slew of UniSystem stuff, and feels like looking up what their various systems have to cover for "cold stuff"? As in, magically/psychically making cold (how cold, how fast) as well as cold damage (both for the aforementioned magic/psi-cold and for cold weather)?

It came up just tonight on Windy City MU* and I realized I'd yet to work up a 'temperature extreme damage system' thingie.

In poking around for established systems to steal from (UniSystem and NightLife are generally handy ones to convert to, eh.. WindyCitySystem), many of them go with the hippy-dippy hand-wave of "Check with your DM/GM/Storyteller" or "Check Fortitude/Stamina/Constitution hourly for cold weather, check sooner for really cold stuff". That, or they only cover direct zappy combat angles (EG: D&D20's Cone of Cold? They'll list range and damage, but not how cold it's making things)

Good ol' GURPS started to get close to what I wanted, when they listed cold magic as dropping things 20 degrees Fahrenheit every minute, and cold psi-stuff as dropping "50 degrees per ten cubic inches per second". Alas, their damage system for this cold is the above 'Sturdy-check every so often' one. As the kids say, that's just weak-sauce.

Note that this is for a MU*, so the method of 'Use your best judgement' can't really be used. I do actually get folks telling me what their character is wearing, what the temperature is, asking how much damage they'll take from the cold, and will call me out if I give a different answer a week/month/year later. So, something solid would be nice. And since it's a MU*, I can easily write code to do complex math for folks (EG: My favorite "2, to the power of (1/10th of the Stat)" doesn't involve breaking out a calculator since the game's medium is a computer, so I can write up a +command that'll do the math for you).
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