Useless (youngwilliam) wrote,

Red Light! Green Light!

Now this method has promise:

Strobe light, along with a long/slow shutter-speed, I'm betting?

Oh! And the other night (Wednesday?) at work, it was rather amusing. There were some folks outside talking about the song that was playing inside, and one of them was quite sure it was Counting Crows. The person she was talking with was trying to give her an example of what Counting Crows sounded like, but he wasn't able to come up with anything (I'm quite sure both of them were quite drunk), so I leaned around the corner and half-sang a chunk of "Mr. Jones & Me" for an example. Turns out the song in question was Hard to Handle (as in, "Hey little mama let me light your candle"?), to which I said that no, that wasn't Counting Crows whatsoever. Matter of fact, I was pretty sure it was an old early 1970s song.

After a bit of poking around a minute or two later, it turns out it was The Black Crowes' cover of it that she was thinking of, and that the original was by Otis Redding, from 1968-69. Ok, so I was one or two years off, but I think that's close enough to fall under 'early 1970s song'.
Tags: le musique, work
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