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Skullhead Boneyhands

It was quite charming when I went to Giacomo's this evening (not just because Ms. Kirsten "Michael Stipe's Vocal Coach" Jones was there, so I could deliver a big mix o' David Byrne to her), since on my way out, my favorite Ramones song came on (IE: The KKK Took My Baby Away). Oh, and Kat Johnson was there, who is now also wondering who the mystery "Jane" person was/is (I asked her about it via FaceBook the other week on a whim, but she'd no clue based on my LiveJournal descriptions from the other year).

When I was at the Sohns' later that night (after bringing Bree her forgotten brownie), I was looking at Tony's hippo skull and noticed an odd little bit about it. Tony has a slew of skulls, so I started checking around. Fortunately, through the magic of the World Wide Web, I can dredge up examples.

Ok, here's a series of skulls in order, based on the odd bit.

Monkey - (note that the eye socket is self-contained)
Horse - (clear bridge of bone between the eye-socket and the gap behind it)
Hyrax - (this little guy has a similar setup as the hippo, where it looks like the eye-socket broke, but it's really meant to be that way)
Ferret - (it's clearly not a break in these fellows)
Cat - (again, clearly not a break, but now it's reduced to little pointy bits)
Coyote - (almost vestigial pointy bits)
Bunny - (I can't even tell if the big hole is 100% eye-socket or if we've lost the vestigial bits)

The little space behind (and sometimes connecting to, unless you're a primate) the eye socket is, if I recall correctly, where some muscles work up to work on jaw-grinding. Alas, I'm having none of the luck in finding what the name of that space is. Here's a hyena - - which have a similar setup to canines, except they've that mohawk looking thing for the powerful jaw-muscles to attach to. Alas, I'm not concerned about the muscles nor their connections, but why some critters have a bridge of bone between the eye-socket and the "muscle socket", some don't, and some have a vestigial bridge.

If anyone out there in TV land knows what the term is for that bone 'bridge' (that primates have, hyraxes and hippos almost have, and common carnivores just have vestigial forms of), and/or what the hole is that the 'bridge' often divides from the eye socket, it'd be ever-so-handy.
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