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Diablo ex Machina

So I spent a bit of my evening working on the wiki for ErfWorld, and I got to this page. Glancing over it, I noticed that there was no footnote citation of the "Rock Fall, Everybody Dies" quote, so I was about to cite the Something Positive (from 2002) that I had always thought was the origin. But then I got to thinking about how SP and EW using it might not be due to causation but instead might be a sort of parallel evolution, if they both got it from the same source. Trying to find the source took me to TV Tropes where they claim SP isn't the source, but instead cite other, earlier examples.

Now, I'm a bit iffy about this since the earlier examples don't use that exact quote but instead are just instances of folks meeting a sudden left-field demise. After all, it's the quote that's the important bit, here.

I also found it cute that starfangx and I had come up with a similar line back in 1997. Ok, so in the start of Season Two of Transformers: Beast Wars, they had to add some new characters (due to pressure from Hasbro) so they had to ditch a few of the Season One characters to make room for them. There was a big earthquake sort of thing, there were some lava fissures on the floor of the antagonists' base, and two of the folks (Terrorsaur and Scorponok) just sort of fall off a cliff, land in the lava, melt down into slag, and are seen nevermore. Yes, these are characters who had (relatively speaking, since this is a Transformers cartoon) serious character growth and interaction in the previous season...but their demise is just "...and they fell in some lava and died." And to add insult to injury painful flaming death, neither Terrorsaur nor Scorponok are even really mentioned as ever existing after that.

After that, she and I took to citing "...they fell in some lava and died." whenever a character was just suddenly and mysteriously written out of a book/show/film/campaign/et cetera.
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