Useless (youngwilliam) wrote,

Boss! De Plane!

I was talking with myself earlier today and I think I partially worked out why it's hard for me to be too thrilled by tattoos.

Ok, imagine either an article of clothing that doesn't serve much physical function (IE: has no pockets, doesn't work against any elements) or an item of jewelry, that was uncomfortable to put on and is very difficult to take off.

For me, the way I feel about tattoos is pretty much the same way I'd feel about something as described above.

I think this is why I found Noyes' "just a black circle" tattoo to be so charming; it's like if you had a ring or a necklace surgically attached, but the ring or necklace had a snap-on affair so you could have different things in display.

Noto Bene: Obviously, I'm not saying that that's how tattoos are 100%, nor how everyone should view them, nor anything else silly like that. I just don't get how folks dress them up as being bigger than the aforementioned "uncomfortable to don, hard to doff" clothing/jewelry -- in my book, if you want to get all tribal, go off into the woods without any tools or supplies for a lunar month during a season you're comfortable with.

Mind, I'm also the same person who thinks it'd be pretty slick to have my Social Security number as tattoo.
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