Useless (youngwilliam) wrote,

I Blame Space Lightning

Random Notion No.452

"Two-Fisted Tales of Science and Fiction"
We continue our serial 'The Outer Space', where Commander Jessica Pants (name shamelessly stolen from beautifultyrant ) finds her hyperdrive flux capacitor overwhelmed by a blast of space-lightning.

Oh, and in other news, a Google search to try to find a hint at the origin of 'Holy Hannah' turns up -far- more Stargate Slash & FanFics than one would presume. But a search for the origin of 'scrog' hints at it being a computer-term earlier, and coming from the Wizard of Id before that (I think it was one of the ZOT-like destructive lightning sound effects, thus leading to it meaning a hard-drive or disk or circuitboard getting fried, and then making the leap via 'the computer was scrogged' having the same meaning as 'the computer was screwed').
Tags: etymology, rain of pins
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