Useless (youngwilliam) wrote,

You're as Sensual as a Pencil

You know Giacomo's? The place that's been opening at night, so I have a thing to do when I get out of work?

Tonight, when I walked by the (unfortunately closed on a Tuesday) store, I happened to glance at the window.

They're showing Rocky Horror at 1:30 AM, Halloween Night.

I had -so- better be getting out of work in time, or heads shall roll.

PS: I also need to call them tomorrow to find out if it's Audience Participation, or if folks'll look at me funny when I start yelling at the screen, "Describe your balls!" I also need to let Mo know, since she expressed an interest in going to see RHPS at some point (mind you, she was quite drunk at the time, but I hold folks to their drunken promises 100% of the time).
Tags: telemedia
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