Useless (youngwilliam) wrote,

FaceBookery Gone Wrong

So it seems that, for some random reason, I'm one of the folks hit by this problem.

When it decides to kick in, the result is that I'm only shown feeds from things that have no privacy settings whatsoever (so, business/fan pages and only a small handful of folks). Fortunately, it only turns up on the basic FaceBook page (as seen below during one of the few times when it decided to act properly).

...while Facebook Lite...

...and Facebook Mobile...

...never suffer the same issue. Alas, both of those last two are bereft of some functionality that the primary page has (EG: tagging pictures, mid-text tagging, friend suggestions, being able to post a URL with a little preview picture, et cetera) so it's not exactly a perfect fix. And talking about fixes, I like how submitting a bug report asks how I can reproduce the error -- oh, I don't know, by visiting Facebook? That seems to reproduce it about 95% of the time! So yes, if I don't reply to a Chat message over on Facebook, it's because it won't let me (since it doesn't perceive that I know you, even though it realizes that you know me).

In other news, I remembered/realized that now that I'm using a Windows XP system instead of Windows 98, I can now "scrobble" things to Last.FM!
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