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Sing Me to the End of the World

In the last week, my iPod (I think it's a '4GB Nano 2nd Generation' as shown in the hyperlinkage? That's the closest and quickest online picture of it could find. If it's any help, the About screen says it's Version 1.4.1 and Model M9800LL) has gone from holding a charge worth about 16 hours of music to about 8 hours. This is, I presume, not a temporary thing that'll heal on its own.

EDIT: It's this!

Were I to send it in to the shop, would/could they just replace the battery or will they basically hem and haw and try to con me into buying something far more complex that I really don't need?

Oh! And speaking of work, I typically wear a particular tuxedo vest here (for no good reason other than style). Today when I came in, I noticed I'd forgotten to put it on before leaving my house. I thought, "Wouldn't it be nice if there were a spare vest around here, somewhere?" and after poking around for a few seconds, I found my vest.

Still at work.
Not at home.

I guess I must have left it in the office after I left last night?

However it happened, I wish that this was how Coincidental Magic in *WoD Mage was defined. Namely, even the person responsible for it can't really prove if it was luck or magic. The only problem with it (other than folks claiming it'd "nerf" mage) is exactly how one would get better at a particular field of magic when one can't prove to even oneself that one is actually doing magic.

And back in reality (sort of), a space along Harlow Street that used to hold a club called Gemini was recently reopened as Club Ice. Gemini had a backlit sign in the marquee, but apparently the Club Icers haven't had time to get their own. Instead, they just flipped the Gemini one around in a way that basically mirror-reversed it vertically. As such, it looks like the club is a very subtly displayed "dewihi" (the font for the 'G' is funky so it looks like a lower-case 'd' when upside down, and the 'n' is a short upper-case so it looks a bit like a short upper-case 'h' as well).

Shame they didn't name the club after flipping the sign around around, so it was Club DeWihi instead of Club Ice -- could've saved a few bucks on signage, there.
Tags: le musique, rpg, work
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