Useless (youngwilliam) wrote,

While Watching Last Night's Heroes

Claire: [to her father] You always have a plan!
Me: No no, that's Benjamin Linus.

Claire: You need a job.
Claire's Dad: Where would I work?
Me: At a box company!
Claire's Dad: What would I do?
Me: You'd make boxes!

I guess Tammi was right; I turn every show into an Audience Participation version. Or, at least, a Morphed with Lost version.

Oh! And I ordered new boots and new Stabilicers the other week!

New Boots

Old Boots

(no, I don't know why my cell phone decided to put a yellow tone on the picture of the old boots)


And in checking the Stabilicers' website, it seems that part of the problem for the previous pair dying so soon may have been that they were Medium, and Medium is supposed to be used for up to size 9. My boots? Ten and a half.
Tags: boots, telemedia
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