Useless (youngwilliam) wrote,

Box & Cox

So it turns out that two folks I half-know are actually the same person.

Long ago and far away, someone named Jocelyn (who looked like if Kara Thrace had a sister) introduced herself to me at work and, a couple of at-work meetings later, she mentioned having cats and half-suggested I should visit at some point. Somehow I found out that Laura knew her and gave her props.

Later, a blonde someone with glasses who came in to work on Wednesday nights (when Eric Green was playing) started talking to me and it wasn't too long before I'd set aside some of my cookie experiments for her. In asking around, someone thought her name was Janelle. Last time I talked with Janelle she said she'd bring some of her pumpkin & chocolate chip cookies.

Tonight, Jocelyn showed up with the cookies that Janelle had mentioned she'd bring in -- amazing the difference glasses can make!
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