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Best Jethro Tull Concert I've Ever Been To!

So I managed to see the Decemberists, tonight!

As of early Thursday, I was unsure if I'd be catching a ride off of Emily Burnham, Emily Dexter, or Priscilla. As of early today (for me, that means Friday), I was pretty sure it was just going to be one of the Emilys, since Priscilla had yet to pick up a ticket and didn't seem to be too eager to call the box office and order them or see if there were still unsold seats. That was later trimmed down to Emily B. since Emily D. was waiting for confirmation for a sitter for her child.

Emily B. showed up, we popped on down, she picked up her comp ticket at the window, we ran into Emily D., I picked up a t-shirt, and in we went to our respective seats.

Opening act was Laura Veirs and the Hall of Flames. Not a bad little band of about 4 folks, usually with three playing instruments at the time.

In between the opening act and the show-proper, they played Pink Floyd's The Final Cut (with When the Tigers Broke Free tossed in there for some alien reason) while setting up the stage. Also around this time, I noticed someone with a Laurie Anderson haircut sitting one row behind me and a few seats over -- after a bit of trying to not look like I was staring, it turned out to be a late-arriving Priscilla!

First song out was Colin on guitar and Jenny on drums, doing Sunshine. After that the rest of the band came out and they did July, July with an extended repeat false-ending ending. Then the three parts of Crane Wife in order (which I considered a definite plus since I prefer to listen to them in the 1 - 2 - 3 layout instead of the 3 1 2 way it's presented on the LP), then Landlord's Daughter (and the song that comes before and after it). After that, I believe they did The Rake's Song and then did a slew of songs off of the new LP that I couldn't tell you the names of to save my life. There was a cute little interlude at one point when Colin was talking about an old sea shanty that Maine lobstermen used to sing while heading back home to shore; he then proceeded to play said song, which was Thunder Only Happens When It's Raining. Colin also noted that we were surprisingly attentive, since we didn't shout out anything to the stage between songs, nor did we keep clapping once he started speaking.

I wish they'd spotlit Jenny's occasional accordion bits, since it's just so keen to see someone playing accordion for the occasional song. I also noticed that Chris's speaker-set was a touch louder relative to everyone else's volume level. I'm not complaining, but were I in the mastering booth, I would have balanced him vs every one else down a notch.

The last song-proper was Oh, Valencia, which prompted a number of folks dancing (Colin making a vague Footloose reference also helped prompt folks to get up and dance). I wasn't sure if folks were going to remain up for long, so I remained in my seat. They left, they came back, and the encore was ELO's Mr. Blue Sky and Chimney Sweep. I got up for the latter, ready to head out to the aisle, hunt down Priscilla and start dancing with her (since I utterly missed out on her hints back at the Bridge Alliance dance until it was far too late), but...that was that. No second encore. Rot and bother.

Emily B. told me on our way in that she'd be leaving early, so I sent Emily D. a text message early on, asking her to meet me out front after the show was done. After the show, I milled around to see if I could spot either Emily or Priscilla, but saw neither around. I texted both of them, and only heard back from Priscilla, who was out already on her way back to Bangor, about a mile out of Orono. She said she'd come back to get me, so I let Emily know that she didn't have to wait around for me (if she was waiting around). We came back into town, and I offered to pay for dinner at Fiddlehead and/or Giacomo's, Priscilla hinted she may or may not take me up on that offer, but she never showed up (even though I at least managed to set up tentative dates with her for hitting the Common Ground Fair and/or going apple-picking). I finally heard back from Emily D, who apparently had turned her phone off when the concert started, and didn't know that I was trying to meet her post-show until she was back home and in bed.

Going into Fiddlehead, Moriah was there working, as well as Emily Burnham, her beau, and Ms. Kirsten (the morning star of the midwest) Jones. The latter three departed to hit Giacomo's (open until 3 am!), and I planned to catch up with them to talk about the show with Emily and to get to talk with Ms. Jones. Unfortunately, Mo hadn't picked up on the fact that the Decemberists were playing in Orono until I told her upon arriving, so I offered to make it up to her by taking her out to Giacomo's when she got off of work (some time around midnight or one). Time passed, more time passed, and we didn't leave Fiddlehead until nearly three AM (due to folks coming in to Fiddlehead and giving Mo more work to do), by which time I'd already missed Emily, Ms. Jones, and all (yes, I could've left earlier, but I asked Mo if she wanted to accompany me there, she said yes, so I felt morally obligated to stick around -- I loathe being the person who offers something, has someone agree to the something, and then take it back after I offered and they've agreed). I -did- finally get to eat there, though; I had planned to go to Pat's Pizza with whoever gave me a ride back (I'd brought along about $80 earmarked for post-show festivities) so I hadn't eaten anything whatsoever pre-show. Once at Giacomo's, I wolfed down some tiramisù, rice-stuffed grape leaves, a few pepperoncinis, and half of a sandwich. Alas, they'd turned the espresso machine off (PS: What the heck is up with folks turning off their espresso machine hours before they close?! My word!!) so it turned into a very Hudson Hawkian situation (if he managed a lunch conclusion instead of the Gilgameshianly long-awaited espresso).

Hopefully, when I grow up and become an adult, I'll be able to actually make plans at least a day in advance and have folks attempt to stick to those plans. Enough folks over the years have expected me to follow through with their advance plans, I ought to be able to do it in return.

PS: Photographs and footage of the show can be found over here.
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