Useless (youngwilliam) wrote,

Atsa Moray!

So let's say one had an Italian café and one decided to have it open late-late at night (pushing 3 AM) to appeal to the espresso crowd. Now much like squatty hipster coffeehouses that stay open that late, it's presumed one would have little pastries as well; for the squatty hipster coffeehouses, it'd be like cookies, muffins, scones, et cetera, but those don't quite fit the gist for an Italian café.

What seems good, quick, and easy options for pastries? Note that although I'd adore pizzelles, that rather requires the equipment for it.

Yes, I've started talking with some of the folks at Giacomo's and pitched the idea of my whipping up pastries here at the New Moon Luna Bar & Grill for them (after working out what's wanted for pastries, working out how much the ingredients cost, then working out how much of that goes to Paul, how much goes to Giacomo's and how much (if any) goes to me).
Tags: q&a, work
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