Useless (youngwilliam) wrote,

Kiss to Make a Dream On

In the more recent incarnation of Ripley's Believe It or Not (the one hosted by Dean Cain, not the one hosted by Jack Palance), there was a bit about some fellow who would swallow live snakes and then hork them up a bit later. For some reason, Ripley's decided to do an ultrasound to show that the snake was actually in the person's stomach and not up his sleeve or something.

Last week, I had a dream where I was apparently inspired by this to try a trick involving swallowing someone's kids and horking them back up again. Mind, the kids were a little odd. There were about six of them, at least one a boy and at least three were girls. But the kids looked like little human-faced bats -- kind of like Li'l ManBat. I'd swallowed two and was starting in on a third when the third one's wings caught in my throat. I coughed up the kid again and started talking with someone (maybe the kid? Maybe the kid's parent?) about it, when I realized that the two that were in me probably had been down there a little too long. "Too long" due to not being able to breathe and also due to digestive acids probably not being too comfortable.

Last night, as I was waking up, the dream featured that trait of dreams where a rather odd thing has been given some sort of unspoken context, so it seems normal to you in the dream. There was a thunderstorm going on in the dream, but the thunder tended to go "CRACK!", with the trailing echo, and then a solid sounding "Chunk Ka-Chunk" before the next crack of thunder pealed. Since I was in the process of waking up, I was initially not all that surprised at the "Chunk Ka-Chunk" follow-up since it was obviously just the thunder reloading (like a gun?), but then I did an internal double-take, "Wait, re-loading??"
Tags: dream
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