Useless (youngwilliam) wrote,


And while we're on the subject of mostly picture posts, a recently new co-worker of mine has a particularly slick tattoo (one of the slickest I've seen) and another that, while not entirely un-slick, is not as slick as the first.

First one!

Second one!, you might be asking, "What's so slick about those, Will?", to which I'd say, "One can take laundry pens to them and re-color them to one's whims every so often, as opposed to standard tattoos that end up the same color for years and years until they fade."

The first one? The simple circle one? It has apparently seen time as a smiley face, a little globe, a peace sign, and countless other things that factor a thick circle into them.

Now this, I like!
Tags: work
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