Useless (youngwilliam) wrote,

Paste Orifice

I had an interesting talk with Mr. Benedict (father of Matt, Melody, Melissa, et cetera) last night at work.

Seems he still works at the Bangor Post Office after 20-something years, and he was able to give me a bit more detail about the recent goings-on at the Bangor PO. I'd heard that they'd trimmed down the staff and I noticed that they now close an hour earlier than they used to (so now they close half an hour before I walk by on my way to work instead of half an hour after), but I'd no clue about the nitty gritty.

Yes, it's due to the advent of the world wide web, but probably not in the way you're thinking -- as per packages, there's been a distinct upswing. Not only thanks to folks going through Amazon and eBay for things instead of going to stores, but also basic E-Mail and all means folks are talking more and more likely to send each other cookies and suchlike. The downfall is that like the businesses that pay television and radio stations to run their ads, the companies behind junk mail would fund the Post Office in return for sending annoying fliers all over the place. With E-Mail and pop-ups and banner ads now being their focus instead of glossy postcards, those companies are now paying online businesses to harass you instead of the post office.

As such, they're cutting costs by reducing the work-force to 2/3 of what it was (used to be about 300 folks in the local PO and now it's a bit under 200), cutting back the hours, and they might move to a less prime real-estate location out by the fire department and Dunkin Donuts, on Main Street (instead of being the ground floor of the Federal Building like they currently are).
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