Useless (youngwilliam) wrote,

Don't Mess with Mister Inbetween

Fortunately, work was far less busy tonight than it has been the last two nights; I actually got out before one in the morning!

Before I got out, Alee was telling me about "The Tenth Kingdom", which reminded me a lot of the Fables graphic novels. Now that I'm home and I can Google it up, I actually do think I saw parts of it on television.

There also was some fellow outside of work whom I'd seen and talked with the other day. He tends to lapse easily and quickly into "freestyle" (as the kids say) when talking, so it takes a few moments for an unprepared listener to switch gears and realize that he's now speaking in verse. He'd caught up Kirsten (a snazzy co-worker of the brother of an ex-co-worker of mine) in his little spiel (which generally often cites flowers, God, and how one should accentuate the positive. Nothing about eliminating the negative, though) at one point. I had popped outside at the time since I'd smelled the smoke of cloves drifting in the front door and presumed there was about a 60% chance that it was her. I offered (once we got back in) her some of the new vanilla chai ice cream we've had at work, and talked about my other ice cream ideas. Seems my Green Tea ice cream theory works pretty well with bits of candied ginger in it. I mentioned to her that I'd been trying to get folks to make that at work for the last eight years or so, but nobody apparently wants to listen to my dessert advice. Paul was walking by, she mentioned the idea to him, and he said, "Good idea!".

Yeah, thanks. That's a better reaction than I've gotten during the last decade of my suggesting it (and even offering to make it from scratch). Mutter mutter mutter.

After work, I stopped off at Fahrenheit's again, since I like to show a bit of solidarity (since Paul has some ownership association with it, somehow). And what before my wondering eyes should appear, but Weatherbee and Sarah (Sarah, whom I'd been guilting due to her ditching me these last two Sundays)! So, they and I (and Tony, and some pals of theirs) had a grand old time. Seems Sarah is living along the way I head from work every night, so we agreed that the Sunday after next, I should head straight to her place and basically drag her along with me downtown. I'd offered to walk her home (since I was heading that way anyway), but she attempted to snag a ride off of some of the departing members of the band that played that night. I got to her house well before she did, and initially thought it was because it was such a short walk. It was due to that, indirectly -- they passed up on giving her a ride since it was just a five minute walk.

While we were there, "Lola" appeared. Seems Lola's name is "JL", and it also seems that your theory about her was incorrect, leora, and mine was correct. And unfortunately for katoki, I didn't manage to get a cell-phone picture.
Tags: lola, telemedia, work
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