Useless (youngwilliam) wrote,

Dreams in the Hollow

Often not getting out of work until after 1 AM has been wreaking havoc on my LiveJournalistic schedule.

I had a dream the other day where I was still living with Chad, but he had gone away for some road-trip for the next year, so Michelle was living there with me. Seems she'd vanished off, but it took me a day or so to realize she'd vanished off. It was the classic "you think someone's safe, asleep in their bed, when they really aren't" affair -- but for some reason, the 'bed' was a laundry hamper full of laundry and wrapped in chicken wire. I poked around to see if she was alright (since I hadn't seen her all afternoon) and it turns out Jaimie Robertson was the one actually sleeping there. Apparently she and Michelle had gone on a bit of a drinking spree and Jaimie ended up sleeping there, but she'd no clue where Michelle was, currently.

Eventually, some folks brought Michelle back from where-ever she'd been, but refused to tell me anything about her. Three times I asked (for some reason, the three times was rather important and striking in the dream), and three times they said I didn't want to know, right now. It was a bit after the third denial that they told me she'd just died.

So I turned back time to before they showed up with Michelle. No, I didn't go back in time -- I actually turned back time for all of reality, with no way for me to hop back forward to my starting point in time, other than taking the long road. I wanted to see if I could actually help prevent her from dying, but apparently not. I explained to Jaimie what I'd done and what I was going to do, which was to turn back time in 12 hour blocks until I could find her before whatever happened happens and save Michelle.

In other news, season two of The Legend of Neil has started!
Tags: dream, telemedia
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