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A couple of seasons ago, I thought I'd managed to seed the sideyard at work with lentils. Alas, that was proven wrong when I locked Libby and I out of her car yesterday, and then I saw more of them miles away from work (over at the Credit Union by the mall, while I was looking for a stick to try to get the door unlocked).

Any botanically minded folks have any guesses at what they (pictured below) might be? The close up of the flower cluster and of the pea-pod seed-pod rather failed, as one can easily see.

It's a very opportunistic plant. At the end of each frond are a few little grabber-vines. It'll grab on to something around it (like say, other plants) and then use that to hoist itself up a little higher, like Gene Kelly on the lamp-post in Singing in the Rain.

PS: Speaking of the Credit Union, I now have a debit card! What I'm wondering is, when I mail my paychecks to the bank, what sort of stuff should I write on them?

My offhand guess is that I'd sign it, write my account number, note "Checking" and maybe add "Deposit Only"?
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