Useless (youngwilliam) wrote,

Goodnight, Beauty

Oh, for slower simpler days.

Earlier this week, Libby and I planned to hit Fahrenheit to get some pictures of the place (their FaceBook page is a bit scant in the picture department, and I've been tagging the LiveJournal posts that are piped in via RSS to FaceBook, and I didn't want them to just have my saying the place was loud one night and empty the next), tonight. Priscilla said she might stop by, but she and I had been bartering either her visiting me or me visiting her all this week (I'd prefer the latter, but that requires Monday, Sunday, or after midnight) so I wasn't entirely sure if it'd come to pass.

Workday goes along, tra la la. And while I'm in the process of juicing a dozen or so lemons (for the blueberry stock, for the blueberry martinis), Priscilla comes in! Looking lovely as ever, she had on these dark pants that reminded me of men's ballet pants. She also had suspenders (that'd be "braces" for you Commonwealthy folks), an off-white tiered blouse, and her hair was done up in a ribbon. Alas, she'd shown up while I was in the midst of my big push to get out of work.

As such, I was only able to dash over and speak a moment or two with her every half hour or so. I meant to dash over more, but each dashing-over meant the more time before I'd be able to actually sit down with her. But I was able to whip up a salad for her (two types of lettuce, raspberries, strawberries, grapes, diced oranges, dried cranberries, and sultanas) and Libby intended to invite her along with us to Fahrenheit (so I wouldn't have to keep dashing off for work). I dashed off downstairs to wrap everything up, came back up ten minutes later, and... nothing. Well, her salad was still there, but I couldn't find her around anywhere (not even in jogging around the neighborhood to see if she'd popped outside). I sent her a text message to see where she'd vanished off to, but didn't get a reply until sometime later.

Seems Libby never got around to inviting Priscilla to Fahrenheit, and so she'd gone home, thinking I'd be there all night. I offered to run the salad up to her house (it's just 15-20 minutes away), but she declined. As such, I waited around until it was almost 1 AM (on the offhand chance that Priscilla would change her mind and return, or take me up on the salad delivery option) before sullenly trotting over to Fahrenheit to take the pictures.

About a dozen pictures were taken, stout was consumed, last call came and went. On the way home, I ran into "Lola" who, as usual, asked me for a cigarette. She thanked me (actually, it was "Thanks, gorgeous!" and gave me a big hug) and continued on downtown as I continued up Hammond, and it wasn't until five minutes later that I cursed myself for forgetting that I had not only one, but two cameras on me (one cell-phone, one digital) and that would've been a good chance to snap a shot of her for reference.

Although I probably won't have the digital camera on me the next time I run into Lola, I'll have the cell-phone so hopefully I'll re-remember the next time. I'd also intended to get some pictures of Priscilla, but obviously that didn't pan out.
Tags: lola, priscilla, work
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