Useless (youngwilliam) wrote,

Drinky Crow

So tonight, after work I decided to try the new Fahrenheit place (on Franklin Street, next to Panda Garden, where Benjamin's was), since Paul (my boss) apparently co-owns it.

Eh, ceilings were short, air was warm, place was crowded, music was annoying. I was initially miffed at having to pay a $3 cover charge (I always want to ask, "If I don't like the band, do I get a refund?"), but at least they had Guinness on tap. That, and Emily Burnham and her beau, Zach, were outside (which was a good sign). I was supposed to meet up with Laura (the Maitre d', where I work) but I wasn't entirely sure where she was (darn you, vague text messages!) so I hovered around a spot that seemed to give me a pretty good vantage point of folks coming and going. In hanging around there for a pint's worth of time, I encountered Becker (pal of Paul's -- haircut is some mix of a mohawk and a mullet), Lawton (who used to work at Cristor's, but I knew before then through mutual friends), Tony (Sohns, owns the Rock & Art Shop), and eventually Justin Barnes (he's the shorter one, with the trophy and all of his teeth) and Libby (co-worker of mine. On the right with the grey dress).

After talking with Justin & Libby for a bit, one of the (rather scarily skinny) waitresses came about with some centrifuge-looking tray-thing that had test-tubes in them. Justin offered to buy me a shot (the test tubes had liquor in them, you see), but I was rather, "Eh..." since I'm not one for drinking in public. But then the waitress started listing off what they had -- something I can't recall, something else I can't recall, and she only got as far as, "Jag-" when I held up a finger and chirruped, "Jägermeister, please!" Justin found that amusing enough that he bought me a second one.

Oh, I do so love my Jägermeister. Unfortunately, I had to return the test-tube, so.. 1) I didn't get a test tube & 2) I had to down it instead of nursing it (which is what I prefer, since I do so love the taste of Jägermeister).

Fortunately, later in the night, we went back to Luna (where I work) and Laura (who never showed up at Fahrenheit, buy the way) bought me yet another shot of Jägermeister. Fortunately, Jägermeister and I are very good friends and treat each other well, even though we don't see each other very often.

Oh, and I met a very nice gay girl named Emma, who had a very nice hat and long teeth. I'd tell you more about Emma, but that covers all I know about her (Justin introduced us as I was sitting down at Fahrenheit, and then she later showed up at Luna).
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