Useless (youngwilliam) wrote,

The Rabbit Detective

In following a link from Scary-Go-Round, I discovered Tweep, tonight. I quite like it! It has the feel of the sort of thing I'd whip up, were I to do a regular comic. Only problem is that I now have seven years of weekly comics to catch up on. But I -did- manage to get up to March of 2005, tonight. (PS: The drawing style will change over time)

In other news, I'm really quite hoping I'll be able to catch sight of some fireflies pre-July 4th, this year. I've dropped a note to someone asking if she'd like to go try to hunt some down Thursday, after I get out of work (PS: Someone is back in town again -- no details are being released to the public at this point in time, though).

Oh! And Dylan (a co-worker of mine) has a pal named Stephanie, who is doing some art project that involves painting one side of a suspended door, and setting up the other side as 'fabricated rustic'. She wants to put a picture of someone's face in the pane of the window, facing the painted side, with hair over the back of the picture for the 'fabricated rustic' side. Since I saved my hair, when I cut my hair the other month, it's looking like that'll be what she'll be using once we're able to hook up so I can get it to her. Until then, there's a ziplock baggie at work, labeled, "Hair, Human. Servings: 2"
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