Useless (youngwilliam) wrote,

What's in a Name?

The other day, on my way to work, I was thinking about female Greek/Roman (I actually think it's just one of those) Mythological names and the suffixes thereof. Why? No clue. If it's worth the going it's worth the ride.

Obviously, most end in -a. But then when I was thinking of various names from the Odyssey and the Iliad and all, I noticed that Eris doesn't have that. For a moment I wondered if it was due to her nature -- if there was a God of Discord, might he be named Sue? But then Artemis came to mind and blew that out of the water.

But! Then Paris came to mind, and he's a he! So is it that Paris has a rather swishy name, or do Eris and Artemis have rather 'butch' names, or is "-is" a gender non-specific suffix?
Tags: etymology
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