Useless (youngwilliam) wrote,

Worldwide Pants

Although Feist hasn't been in for about a month, a pal of Feist's came in to work today. She has fire-truck red hair (that she normally has in pigtails), has an oversized purse with a white Iron Cross on it, apparently does something up on the UMO campus that involves breeding zebra fish, and I -think- I may've mentioned her pants before. Tonight, I asked her about said pants since I think she's worn that style every time I've seen her come in. Apparently they're the standard pants by Melodia Designs; although they aren't anything I'd wear, they're still awfully slick. When one is standing still, they seem like rather standard Mod trousers, but when one walks, the side bits flare out and make them look a bit like bellbottoms.

I was talking with someone about accents the other day and I was reminded of a thing that I can't wait for technology to catch up with. Ok, you know the Google Language Tools and Babelfish and all where you can (poorly) translate one language to another? Imagine that, but for spoken/recorded language, and just doing accents (like RinkWorks' Dialectizer, but in a more serious way). As in, plug in a recording of someone using a particular accent, click "Translate From" and select their accent, then click "Translate To" and select what accent you'd like to hear that said in.

Amusement factor aside, what it could be slick for is to plug in your own accent, then translate it "from" an accent that isn't your own, into your own. That way, you can attempt to hear what other folks hear your accent as.
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