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Feist came in again today!

Ok, it's not really Feist.

See, the other week there was this pale girl with dark hair and a bright shirt sitting near the end of the bar (where Priscilla sat when I met her) and for some reason she really reminded me of Feist. I pointed it out to Melissa (the head chef at work. She's on the far right with the black sweater over the white dotted dress), since she was the only other person there who'd know who Feist was (Mel and I bond over Pixies, Breeders, Morphine, Lemonheads, Star Trek, vampire novels, etc..), and she agreed with me, so the nickname "Feist" has stuck.

I meant to go up to her and say, "Say, weren't you here just last week?" but some folks she knew came in and they moved to a table away from the bar (and away from me easily asking rhetorical questions in passing). I told Mel about this an hour or so later, "I'd actually like to impress her a bit more by asking if she was here last week, wearing a yellow t-shirt, black pants, drinking white wine, taking notes from a hardbound book with a tan cover and a green spine, measuring about 4" by 6", but I think that might come across as a bit creepy."

Mel narrowed her eyes, pinched two fingers together, and silently mouthed, "...just a little bit creepy, yes...".
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