Useless (youngwilliam) wrote,

Kinkame? Kinkajou!

Apparently the Kentucky Derby (or for you Commonwealthy folks, Darby) was today, and since we've that accursed television at work, we had some special involving mint juleps or some such thing.

Based on one person who came in (who apparently used to hit the New Moon Café, when we were on Main Street), I think I can add to my exceedingly short kink-list, "Women in flat-top straw hats". Now, this could very well just be a ramification of my thing for women in 1920s/1930s drag (button-down shirt, dress pants, suspenders (or for you Commonwealthy folks, braces), et cetera), or it might be some Lalla Ward thing from my childhood; I really have no clue.

And the fact that she looked like if Justus' girlfriend had a slightly older sister didn't really hurt, either.
Tags: work
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