Useless (youngwilliam) wrote,

Puts My Trust in God and Man

AUGUSTA, Maine — Gay marriage legislation in Maine has moved to the full Legislature. And in initial voting, supporters have won the opening tally.
After extended and emotional debate Thursday, the state Senate voted 20-15 to give its preliminary approval.

Immediately, however, one of the senators who voted No — Republican David Hastings of Fryeburg — introduced an amendment from the floor that would send the issue directly out to statewide voters in November.

That move prompted Democratic Majority Leader Philip Bartlett of Gorham to request a recess.

The House of Representatives has already adjourned until next Tuesday, so the bill can't come up for preliminary consideration there until then.

Still, were I to place a bet on if it'll pass or not, I've no clue which way I think I'll go. The idea of "But we've never done it that way, before" runs pretty thick in Vacationland.
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