Useless (youngwilliam) wrote,

Spooky Cheese at a Distance

Spukkäse Fernwirkung?

At work today, due to actions yesterday, I got to do my little Mr. Wizard act.

Ok, so yesterday I grated a mess of Gruyere cheese and a mess of Parmesan cheese. Unfortunately, they're both very "white cheeses" so when I set them, in similar containers, on a counter to put stuff away before bagging them up, I forgot which was which. And since I'd grated up the last blocks we had around, I couldn't compare them to grated samples of known cheeses.

Today, I had Mel try to identify them properly, and got to demonstrate a bit of quantum physics in the process.

I showed her both bags, explained what I accidentally did, and said, "Ok, let's say some recipe called for either 100% Gruyere or 100% Parmesan, both would work. Both of these bags would obviously fit the bill. In a manner of speaking, these bags hold the same thing and that "thing" is 100% Gruyere and 100% Parm at the same time." When she was down with that, I handed her one bag and dashed across the room with the other bag. Tossing the second bag in the walk-in, I closed the door and dashed back. "I want you to taste that cheese and identify what it is".

She tried it, and deemed it Parmesan. I pointed to the walk-in door, "BAM! In doing that, you instantly made the bag in there Gruyere. It used to be in a state of flux, but now it's quite positively Gruyere. Through a closed door, on the other side of the room, faster than the speed of light, you just changed reality by observing a different part of reality!"

If you plan to do this trick at home, I suggest you fill one salt shaker with salt and another with sugar. It makes the identification act easier.
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