Useless (youngwilliam) wrote,

Dharma Bums

Rather mundane dream last night (note that I'm writing this before I go to bed -- I'd been meaning to jot it down earlier today, but hadn't really gotten around to it) involving a small town that's rather distant from my normal central "dream town" area. If one walks there, it's almost a full day's walk away, but there's a bus that heads out that way once a day. As such, sometimes it's faster to just walk, if one missed the bus.

The odd part involved going to some rather open coffeehouse/bookstore (that reminded me of Ampersand's, up in Orono. Come to think of it, this small town is very similar in structure to downtown Orono, if it was just Mill Street and a bit of Main Street) with Priscilla, who was introducing me to some friends of hers, there. I almost want to say that, upon awakening, some of the folks were background characters in the current Lost run of Dharma Initiative folks.

The dream was mostly small-talk and/or walking around, but it struck me as a little strange that Priscilla was a key factor in it.
Tags: dream, priscilla
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