Useless (youngwilliam) wrote,

Terminal Solution

At work, yesterday, we started porting things over from the previous computer to the new computer.

Or more to the point, we started mulling over the best way to do it (Flash drive bucket-brigade? Network the two with EtherNet cables? Faux-network the two with USB cables? Yank the drive out of the old one and slave it in the new one?). One thing that struck me as of note was how pesky it was/is to have two computers, yet one keyboard, one mouse, and one screen, meaning I had to shuttle the user interface devices from one to the other.

What struck me as being immensely handy for things like this? Imagine a little thingie strikingly similar to a Blackberry/Newton/Etc.. where it's a hand-held device with a touchscreen up top and a keyboard down below. Dangling from this would be a little squid of connections (the traditional cigarette-lighter looking things for mice and keyboards, the anchor-looking thing for monitors, USB couldn't hurt) so one can plug it in to a computer and.. *bam*'ve got the UI devices. No memory, no nothing. It's just a touch screen & a keyboard that you can hook up to a computer when you need to access it for a couple of seconds.

Apparently there are things that can do this, but they can also do a kerjillion other things, so it'd be absurd to pick one up when all you need it for is for slap-on/off UI. I also bet that those things require installing software on the computer it's attaching to, which defeats the whole purpose of, "Gee? I wonder if this computer with no UI devices currently attached to it works? Let's take five seconds to find out!"
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