Useless (youngwilliam) wrote,

Little Eyes, White Jackets, and Volvii

Rather vague dream bits to report this "morning":

One had me giving Priscilla another massage, although unlike how it actually went, she had this odd little square of four blemishes on one shoulder. One of the blemishes was an instance of basic acne, but the other three were little eyes, the same size as the acne. One was green, another yellow, and the third was blue. One had the pupil as a slit sideways (like a goat), another vertical (like a cat), and the third was normal. No clue what colors matched up to what pupils.

Another dream had Leslie Farnsworth back in Bangor, wearing some jacket that may've been a fencing jacket, a straight jacket, or a chef's jacket (or some combination of those). After whatever happened happened, I was driving home (in a gunmetal silvery Volvo) and noticed that Leslie was pulling up in front of me along Ohio Street (where it meets Hammond) from over by Hammond Street Congregational (I was also in a gunmetal silvery Volvo). To let her know that I saw her, I held up my left hand and flashed her a "L" with my index and thumb. Alas, it might look like an L from my side, but it's a backwards L from her perspective. For some reason, she thought it meant she should pull over to the right (Opposite of L = R). She told me she worked for some software firm, so I was able to get her mailing address by checking the credits-file on a CD-ROM by her company.
Tags: dream, priscilla
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