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Premise: Underneath Graceland Cemetery (in Chicago, unrelated to Elvis) there's a mausoleum. Under the mausoleum, through a hidden door-affair, is a cave. In the cave is a stone pedestal with a ring-shaped indentation on the top, with funky little silver-plated light-piping going on to channel sunlight from above ground down, to focus it around the pedestal and all.

Setting: The Anita Blake: Vampire Hunter world (modern Gothic/Horror, folks know about the supernatural, though. Sort of like the Kim Harrison Hollows books or like Dresden Files if the average Joe on the street knew vampires and all existed, but wasn't 100% sure about what was up with those vampires and all). Generally, magical items don't exist unless something is personally powering them. So to get a funky magical object, someone had to cut a deal with demons/angels/spirits/fairies to supply the funky magic.

Query: What's up with the thing?

It's over on Windy City MU*, half-built by someone around 2003 (a year before I started doing stuff there), with no notes about what it's for. I recently got a flea in my ear about doing something with it, but I'm not entirely sure what, yet.

ICly (that means "a character, not a player"), someone apparently cut some deal with somethings to have this funky "triggered" magical affair (I mean, c'mon! It's pretty obvious you put a special ring in the special indentation and something funky and magical happens) that somehow is involved with the dead.

I'm thinking something about ghosts, zombies, or ghouls (NB: Ghosts are pretty useless in AnitaVerse. Zombies are automatons and only do what they're told by the folks that raised them. Ghouls are zombies that rose on their own and are doing the Night of the Living Dead affair) but I'm not sure what. I'd like something more than "Pop the ring in and it's Zombies Amok!" since it doesn't seem to make much sense that someone would go to all this effort just to swamp the place with zombies, on the random chance someone plugged the right ring into the pedestal.

Any ideas?
Tags: q&a, rpg
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