Useless (youngwilliam) wrote,

Don't Get Around Much, Anymore

It was a quite lovely (albeit later than expected) walk home from work, tonight. Just cold enough that one would want to wear a jacket or trenchcoat or suchlike, yet warm enough that one doesn't need to button it up due to the humidity. With it being on the tail-end of winter, there's still large patches of snow hidden under the tree-cover along parks, standing out in the darkness, and the bare tree branches look just grand silhouetted by streetlights in the fog.

Alas, about halfway along the way home, I got to talking to myself about odds and ends (How there used to be a building there, how the folks who live in this house can be depended on practicing piano at least once a week when I walk by, how the folks who live on the side of a hill mow their hill-side lawn, etc..) and that quickly drifted into realizing it'd work much better if were talking to someone besides myself while walking along in the foggy New England chill. Darn you, melancholia!
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