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H.M.S. Priscilla

Last night's dream had a lot of my reoccurring dream architecture in it -- the 3-way intersection of where Court Street meets Ohio Street, transformed into a five-points with a dark brown corner store & sandwich shop inserted in one of the newly created corners. A house similar to my Hammond Street apartment, except one had to slip through crawlspaces in the walls, under pipes, to get to certain rooms. A large building crossed between an opera house and NYC's Pennsylvania Hotel (Pennsylvania 6-5000!) with an Angel Heart style cage elevator in the lower dozen floors, although the upper dozen floors were abandoned and falling apart (like the Freese's Building, before they put the Children's Museum in it).

Priscilla was in it as well, although I didn't get to see her face. She had made a paper-mâché and balsa wood ship, about 6'-8' long. It wasn't exactly sea-worthy, since it was a costume suit that she was wearing, such that her legs from the waist down were sticking out the bottom (I was able to ID that it was her by her socks and shoes), and she was leaning forward at a right angle inside of it. What would have been cute would be if she hadn't been in the center of the ship but had been more towards the prow, so her torso could stick out the front like a figurehead -- alas, my subconscious wasn't on the ball enough to whip that up. Could even set up something to replicate churning water ahead of the ship, to obscure the person's legs? Counter-balance would be the tricky part, though.

In other news, the other week I sent a letter to Northeast Cardiology Associates. One might recall that Dr. Holland of PCHC had been checking with a Dr. Allen (who is both a head of PCHC and of NE Cardio Associates) to see if my PCHC discount could apply to some cardio testing (EG: A treadmill-trotting EKG test, a chest ultrasound, etc..) at NE Cardio Assoc, and found that my hitting NE Cardio Assoc. would be just like hitting the local hospitals -- namely, rack up a bill first and then see if I end up getting a discount or not.

Anyway! When I got to thinking I'd prefer to be in debt and alive than dead with money saved, I sent Dr. Allen a letter, giving a brief lowdown of what Dr. Holland may have told him, and asked if he had any grand ideas for what's up with it all. Obviously, he couldn't exactly write back to me with, "I bet you have this going on" or "Try getting that test", for fear of a lawsuit, but it struck me that he could safely write to Dr. Holland and let her know what's leaping to mind.

Instead, I get a call last Friday about setting up an appointment with NE Cardio Assoc! Who knew?!

The tricky part is this. The appointment time? 7:30 AM on Tuesday. I'd feel bad about canceling it to try to get it moved to another time, due to how nice they were about setting up an appointment (even though Dr. Holland doesn't think it's a heart issue), but that time is really inconvenient! I mean, I could stay up an hour or two past my bedtime and go in, but since I have to work Tuesday (around 5 PM), I'm not sure if I'd actually manage to sleep. What I may have to do is try to get some extra sleep the night before, Sunday to Monday, stay up late Monday night to go in on Tuesday morning, then attempt to nap between whenever I get back and a couple of hours before I go in to work.

Hopefully, after I get my foot in the door with NE Cardio Assoc, I'll be able to request times and days that are slightly more handy for me (namely, Sunday and Monday afternoons). Absolute handiest would be any day of the week, between midnight and 5 AM, but I have my doubts about that ever being offered.
Tags: dream, mystery pain, priscilla
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