Useless (youngwilliam) wrote,

Let There Be More Darkness

Gosh darn it! Even this third monitor is slowly growing dark, as far as I can tell. I'll have to do some more fiddling with hooking up a laptop to it to see if it's actually the monitor or not. Still, new monitor, new video card (thank you, again, starfangx! That new card even could let me hook up two monitors at the same time for one really wide one), so all that's left that could be doing it (if it's not me striking out with three ailing monitors) are the motherboard or the power-source.

In BSG news (since I can't find leighgion to squee at), I quite like the new Hybrid in this episode tonight, as well as Gaius Zealot at the funeral.

In work news, Paul told me this evening that the new place has passed inspection (I guess that's health inspection) and all we need is a permit from the city council and we're good to go. Should still be able to meet the March 15th estimate. I'll be heading over later this week to help arrange things and hang speakers. Might even hit the bank and get a debit card while I'm at it, so we can eventually set up a direct deposit affair (the local branches of my bank closed, so it's now a couple hours of transit to get checks cashed by my own power).

On the plus-side, during my time off, I've gotten through about 2/3 of the Harry Dresden books (the other 1/3 are ones we don't have around the house), and I'm almost half a dozen books into the Kim Harrison "Dead Witch Walking" series. For those interested in reading the latter, I suggest you force your way through the first one since they're less confusing after that one.

In other news, I'm just amazingly sullen still at the sudden transfer of someone to just past the far end of New England, the other week. Partially due to her being away, partially due to just how sudden it was, and partially due to my beginning to suspect (probably for no good reason) that she's really not as into me as oodles of folks have theorized she was/is. As my cousin pointed out, if she was, she'd probably be contacting me out of the blue more than she is -- To me, communication seems to be the meat of a relationship, and if one nixes the former, that's a sign of the lack of the latter.

And each year, more pals of yore (that I meant to ask out to dinner or suchlike, should I see them again) keep turning up, filling me in on their husbands and kids. That just doesn't help at all.

Note though, it's only been two weeks or so, so it might just be due to her getting her bearings (..he said, not entirely believing it, but preferring it over the theoretical truth. Screw you, Occam..)?


Oh! And again, I've a picture on a cell-phone that I'd like to have available off-phone, but the cell-phone isn't the sort that can send to E-Mail addresses. Anyone out there feel like having me call them, send it to them, and then transfer it to their computer and E-Mail it back to me? Thank you, burglepig!
Tags: life, priscilla, telemedia, work
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