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Recession Transgression

Ok, so Nosilla Incorporated (that's Paul, my boss) owns both the New Moon (where I work) and Christopher's/Red Martini (where I sloth). I've no clue what put Christopher's in the red, finance-wise, recently but something did. They decided to have Christopher's last night open be Thursday the 12th, since the New Moon would be rather busy with Valentine's Day and Valentine's Eve (this way, we get to use their waiters). I haven't checked the final numbers for how many folks we did on V-Day, but I know there were 160 reservations as of go-time. V-Eve had the same specialized menu, but we weren't forcing folks to place reservations like we did for V-Day.

Friday the 13th (Valentine's Eve), Paul and all go in to clean up Christopher's only to find that some creditors have worried that they'd cut and run, so the creditors had the place locked up (with dubious legality).

Not my problem, right?


This morning, around 11, I get woken up three hours before I meant to get up by my uncle who is wondering why his bank is telling him that my work checks are bouncing. Not just bouncing due to insufficient funds, but due to the account not existing anymore. I suggest he call Paul and I go back to sleep.

An hour or so later I'm woken up again, to check the answering machine messages. Hey! Guess what! My workplace is closed for who knows how long! They're guessing it could be anywhere from two to six weeks, but they're unsure about that.

After tossing back some tea and getting on the phone, I managed to work out some details after a few hours.

After the Valentine's stuff is over, Paul was apparently worried that the same creditors would feel the New Moon should shoulder Christopher's debt (since they're both owned by Nosilla), so he's started to hasten some vital stuff (and my stuff) out of there (both physically and paperworkilly, thus the bank account vanishing in the night) while getting someone else to sign on as the official owner of the New Moon. Once he has it signed over to someone else, then there's nothing they can do to close the place (since the New Moon just happens to be paying Paul, who happens to be one of the folks associated with Nosilla Inc, who just happened to be the owner of Christopher's) so he can move the vital stuff back in and we can get back to business. Literally.

Alas, it's much like when my landlord from Everett Street packed up my stuff following the kitchen fire and held it hostage in storage. Yes, it's illegal. Yes, you have to serve some sort of official notice before you can start seizing stuff from folks who owe you. But no, it's not exactly the sort of thing that a single phone call will get fixed in the next day.

On the up-side, as long as nobody actually bolts the doors on us, there's no reason we can't reopen ASAP. And even if they do, that can be quickly overturned once the ownership is switched around (which might sound legally dubious, but it's far far less dubious than seizing property without legal notice). Unfortunately, I'd think that if my guesses were correct, I wouldn't be hearing suggestions of it being a month or so.

In better news, I had a grand old time with somebody this Monday! We went to catch a light dinner (or was it a light supper? We ate at 4 in the afternoon -- you do the math) at Oriental Jade (don't try to eat their spring rolls with a knife and fork. It'll just render them unto fried dough and coleslaw), then saw Coraline (Bangor theater, so no 3D), and then hit Starbucks (which was actually the first time I'd ever been to a Starbucks) although neither of us had coffee there -- instead they were some odd Caramel Apple Spice things we had. Almost like a hot and flat apple soda.
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