Useless (youngwilliam) wrote,

Suck? Meet Fail

I'm quite sure the seeming horribleness of today is mostly due to being sick.

I woke up this morning to find myself, out of the blue, sick (cough, sore throat, feeling oogy, et cetera). Not so bad, since I wasn't working today -- I asked for the day off to spend it with somebody who (as well as thinks that I "report" on her too much) wants to see Coraline with me & possibly hit the closing night for Christopher's/Red Martini.

Getting up, there's a message on the machine from Dr. Holland and how I should call her back. Great! This would be about the treadmill EKG and all! I call them back, and leave a message on their machine. A while later, they call me back and I finally get to talk with her. Seems both the treadmill test and the ultrasound would require roping in some cardiologist to look at the results, and the consultation alone tends to go for about $500. The ultrasound would be about $300 plus the consultation, and the treadmill EKG would be about $1,000 plus the consultation. There's a chance that Northeastern Cardiology would cut me some discount slack, but I apparently can't start to confer with them about that until after the procedure. As such, Dr. Holland is still suggesting I not bother with the heart tests.

Ok, fine, I had sent a letter to her today asking if we could test the other side of the theory by putting me on antibiotics for a bit to see if her other idea, concerning a sort of heat rash in my chest, was right or wrong. I bring up that notion on the phone, and... ..."Infection? I don't think it's an infection, Mr. Young"

Ok, so you don't think it's anything wrong with my heart, you don't think it's anything that an ultrasound would turn up, you (now) don't think it's an infection -- dare I ask just what she does think it is? And how can we confirm that notion, and then correct the malady? Unfortunately, she had other calls to make and I was a bit dumbstruck by the recanting of the infection theory, so I didn't get to ask her that in person. Plus, with the cold and all, I probably would've snarked on her and asked if she thought it was perfectly normal for someone's heart to pound abnormally strong with no outside trigger, and/or to occasionally make a painful grinding feeling.

I drop someone a line about when/where I should meet up with her downtown. She'd a few things to do downtown today, and wanted to hit the aforementioned closing party, so it seems a good idea to arrange the whenning and whereing. Vague replies, nothing solid comes of it, I figure I'll just go into work, sit around there, go to the Red Martini afterwards, and we'll work it out. I send her a message to cover that.

Go into work, come out of work, go to the Red Martini...and nothing. Mind you, I didn't spend too much time at the Red Martini since they hadn't cooked the Angus beef cheeseburger I'd ordered the day before (you'd think it'd be available with 12 hours forewarning, no?), didn't have any Guinness stout, and was generally packed to the gills with loud annoying folks standing in the way, yelling over the loud music, and making the place generally too warm for any degree of comfort.

Get home around midnight, no reply from someone about if I should be or should have been anywhere. I'd call my co-workers who are there (they got there about an hour before I left to go there) to see if someone is there and can't hear/feel their cellphone over the din, but I don't have their numbers.

Oh, and although I found three video cards around the house that fit the slot in my computer, none of them work.

On the up-side, Lisa might have some 1990s video cards kicking around that she can send me from Florida (hopefully the current one will hold out until then). Still, I just wanted nothing more than to hold someone for a few seconds and have her tell me that my woes aren't so bad in the global scope of things.
Tags: life, mystery pain, priscilla
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