Useless (youngwilliam) wrote,

It Has a Good Beat and You Can Dance To It.

1) In finally getting around to watching Gangs of New York the other week, I am again wondering how/why so many folks apparently brought tomatoes and heads of lettuce to stage performances so often as to make it a stereotypical notion that the audience has them on hand, should the act go badly. If they were tossing the food they'd brought with them to nosh on, wouldn't it be heels of bread, handfuls of cherries, and apples and things? I really can't imagine someone bringing a head of lettuce to chew on while attending a play.

2) Brigitte Paulus nee Blose hit me up with a request earlier this week, for me to compile as eclectic and large of a list as I can of songs in either 3/4 time or any other non-4/4-ish time (as in, like the 5/4 of the "Everything's All Right" song from Jesus Christ Superstar or Joe Jackson's "Rant and Rave", the 11/4 of Primus' "Eleven", et cetera. 2/4 marches and countertime 8/4 bits are close enough to 4/4 that they can probably be skipped). Now, given my unending love for waltzes and funky time signatures, I can easily sit down with my iPod or my computer's playlist and start to sort through them, but obviously it might end up being selections of a fairly limited genre (I mean, at least half of them will probably be Tom Waits or They Might Be Giants).

About the only limit in genre would be based on what Brigitte further explained:
"Types of music would be not classical, but as many other genres as possible, and tempos too. I want it so I can start a playlist for them on my iPod for when I teach dance. There is so much dance that works better in 3/4 time, but most popular music is written in 4. I am always looking for odd time signatures, too; it forces the dancers to listen to the actual music and not just be little 4/4 time metronomes."
Anyone feel like hitting me now and again with songs that leap to mind? I'm sure I just need to hit her with a list, and not the actual songs themselves.
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