Useless (youngwilliam) wrote,

You Don't Have No Dr. Roberts

Hit PCHC at 4:30, got back around 6:15.

The clunky shoulder, Dr. Holland agrees with me that it's probably nothing weird nor a tendril of something evil spreading from my chestal cavity outwards. She -does- agree that although my cardio-oddness is very slight (relative to most reports of angina, palpitations, et cetera), even a slight thing really shouldn't be lasting for a year with similar but different symptoms/effects drifting in and out every couple of months.

As such, she's hitting up one of the heads of PCHC who is also a high mucky-muck at some local Cardiology affair, to see if I can get detailed testing at a discount rate. Probably starting with the treadmill test first and then following up with ultrasound, although she'll leave the specifics of that up to the cardiologist.
Tags: mystery pain
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