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Is There a Doctor in the House?

For those who ever wonder what my letters to my doctor read like, here's one I'm sending out tomorrow.

Dr. Holland

Hello! As you may recall, after looking up my name, it was earlier this April that I had contacted PCHC in order to have the odd abdominal "mystery pains" and the unusual chest sensations investigated. As we discovered, the abdominal pains were centered around my gallbladder, since the late-June removal of the gallbladder reduced the severity of the mystery pains from lasting a few hours to just lasting a few minutes and being no worse than a foot cramp. The unusual chest sensations seem to still be happening, though.

As per before, the primary sensation is as if my heart were beating with more force than usual, although without any increase in blood pressure (as far as I can measure), and that sensation seems to wax and wane, sometimes showing up out of the blue to last for a few minutes, other times for a few days, then going away with as little provocation as its arrival. When it is in the midst of one of those phases, I also seem prone to other incidental heart-type things -- the most common one being a sort of "off-beat" to my heart once in a rare while, comparable to someone stumbling when wearing high heels or a car's gears being poorly shifted. It only lasts for a single beat, is rarely more uncomfortable than a sneeze, and is occasionally followed by what could be compared to light-headedness if one could feel light-headed in one's chest. It's not -horrible- in a chest clutching Sanford & Son sort of way, but it's certainly not something that had been going on in there two years ago. Strangely, I've never had it act up while walking a mile in knee-deep snow, carrying 100 lbs up a flight of stairs, et cetera; it seems to either happen on its own quite randomly, or when feeling particularly emotionally stressed. And as I'd mentioned before, there have been other strange odds and ends showing up (a rash-like pressure feeling along the left side of my neck now and again, the same along my inside right leg, et cetera) but most of those seem to have faded in intensity, frequency, or both since the gallbladder removal. Mind you, I've also been avoiding caffeine since shortly after the gallbladder removal (since it seemed a bit silly to die of heart failure right after surgery on an unrelated organ), so that might have something to do with the fading.

The only new odd thing to have cropped up is my left shoulder rather 'popping' now and again; it's much like when one cracks one's knuckles or back, but unlike knuckle-cracking, it's always there. I can basically sit there all day, sloping my left shoulder forward and back, and it will go "thunkity thunk" every time (and is really creepy to listen in with a stethoscope while it's doing that! Especially when it's placed in the hollow of my left collarbone). This, as you might well imagine, has led to paranoid visions now and again of some tumorous growth constricting my heart and beginning to spread into the socket of my shoulder. Obviously, I have my doubts to the validity of this paranoid vision since I would think it wouldn't just hop over my left lung but instead would start some respiratory problems along the way.

I know you had theorized before, during my initial April appointment and my later July appointment, that it was most likely some minor infection between the left-side ribs and the left-side pectoral muscle, but I'm unsure if it'd last for a year and I'm also unsure about the heart mis-beats. The basic "feels like my heart is beating with too much force" aspect -would- fit with the irritation of a minor infection since it would be akin to feeling your pulse in your toe after you stub your toe, but it seems a bit odd that it would wax and wane instead of being connected to how much I'd use my chest muscles. Is there anything that could be done to confirm the idea of it being a minor infection and/or to remove the idea of it being anything more serious?

William D. Young

Today is/was literally the first anniversary of the odd heart-stuff starting to manifest (which prompted me to decide, "Maybe I should get this looked at" since it was now double-teaming me with the mystery abdominal pain). As I mentioned in the letter above, although I could understand it being some minor infection in there when it'd just been going on for under a half-dozen months, it going on for an entire year just seems a little iffy.

And it's nearing the one week anniversary (well, "anniversary", since there's that whole "anno-" part making it a yearly thing) of Priscilla being mysteriously out of town and out of touch. Just before last weekend, she was typically replying to any message I'd sent to her within a few hours, we were talking about what cookies I should make for her, talking about her borrowing my copy of "Be Here Now", watching "The Girl in the Fireplace" with her, et cetera. It snowed heavily on Sunday, so early Monday I asked if she'd like me to come over and shovel out her driveway. She replied back that it was already done, and she'd left town, anyway.

Since then, radio silence on her part. I (via cell-phone text messages) offhandedly asked where she she'd left town to, sent a photo of a batch of one of my gingersnap attempts, and asked when she might be back so I don't end up having to hold onto the cookies for a week (so she can get them fresh-made delivered to her door), all met with nothing. As far as I can tell, she also has yet to dial up her FaceBook account (no clue about E-Mail, since she's yet to set up a good filtering folder program to sort the wheat from the chaff -- that's my next project when we're both around the same computer at the same time). I sent her a postcard (that should get to her house later today) wishing her a happy lunar new year.

I am, of course, concerned that she's dead in a ditch, but checking all the ditches in "everywhere but Bangor" would be quite the search. I'm left to drown my sorrows in curry madras dishes and try not to send her a text message every day.
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