Useless (youngwilliam) wrote,

FW: Commodious Cheap Pills

Subj: FW: Commodious Cheap Pills
From: Claudia Bender (
Sent: Mon 1/19/09 2:52 AM

dragged half shoved the singer toward the doors. Fool. No one who wears a crown is ever safe. She looked about the hall. Mace Tyrell laughed

Via vx gra 1, 20 Cia rc lis 2, 05

Little and less. There was naught to tell. He hesitated. You are certain that he is dead?To Oldtown. Sam took one of the baked clams and wolfed it down. Were between ships. TheWinterfell was executed by King Joffrey, the northmen foreswore their loyalty to the Iron Thron

Yes, it just cuts short with "Thron"
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