Useless (youngwilliam) wrote,

Chilly Down

I've no clue why the "RealFeel" temperature (which is normally lower for wind chill and higher for heat index) has the "RealFeel" nicer than the actual temperature. Perhaps due to the 80-something percent humidity?

That's -28 and -22 for you Commonwealthy folks.

I meant to bake up some dairy-free cookies today at work (it was slow, even with my doing laundry in the upstairs apartments' laundry room) so I could drop half of them off at Priscilla's, but it seems we didn't have any dairy-free replacements for butter and most-all cookie recipes require something butterish. No shortening around, no margarine around, no nothing (unless I wanted to try to use tahini in place of butter. Eh.. no). And the current lack of internettedness at work prevented me from looking for something that didn't even require butterish stuff. I guess she'll have to wait until we order some shortening, and for when the near-midnight temperatures are such that I shan't end up frozen on her doorstep.
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